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This year’s fixtures

Fixture list for our 64th season: 2018/9.
Thanks to for their support

  • Oct 2nd: Hog Hill (IG6 3HP) 5k Road: Senior Results on Facebook first and then via your club.
  • Oct 20th: Jubilee Park (E10 7BL) 5m xc/trail: Results on Facebook and via member clubs
  • Nov 6th– Hog Hill (IG6 3HP) 5k Road: Results on facebook and via member clubs
  • Nov 24th Trent Park (EN4 0PS) Results on C/L Facebook group. Thanks to Barnet AC for a magnificent event!
  • Jan 19th Chingford (E4 7QH) 5m xc Seniors start at 2:30
  • Feb 16th Victoria Park (5m road)
  • March 9th Wanstead Flats: (2m xc relays and presentations)