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How it works

  • Chingford League, Sponsored by East London Brewing Co. - Winter athletics league for N & E London organised in accordance with UKA rules and affiliated to England Athletics.
  • A mix of cross country and tarmac surfaces, over 5miles or 5k. The league offers serious competition for fast athletes combined with an inclusive ethos to encourage newer runners to give it a try. To take part, join one of our member clubs (follow the links)- then it's free to enter.
  • Our venues are accessible by public transport from all over North, East and Central London. In recent seasons they have included Trent Park, Alexandra Park, Epping Forest, Eastbrookend Country Park, Victoria Park, Hackney Marshes, Wanstead Flats, Lee Valley Velopark and Redbridge Cycle Circuit. Fixture dates and timings can be found on the tab "This year's fixtures". Please consult your club's Team Manager or follow us on facebook for more details.
  • The programme usually includes 3 races on tarmac plus 3 cross country races, The senior team competitions then culminate in March with a 4x3000m cross country relay event followed by presentations.
  • Races are free-to-enter for runners (first and second claim) belonging to our member clubs. Runners pre-enter via their Team Manager ahead of the first race they wish to attend, collect their number bib from their TM at that race. They then use that number for subsequent races of the season.
  • There are 6 senior team categories: Men's A, B and Vet teams, Women’s A, B and Vet teams. Teams of 6. Incomplete teams are also included in the points, using the "ghost runner" score (total of runners plus one) to make up teams. Junior competitions (teams of 4) take place in the U11, U13, U15 and U17 categories for young athletes from our member clubs.
  • 2 DIVISIONS: the Senior A team competitions are each split into two divisions. The top 8 teams form a "premiership" with remaining teams in a "championship". 2 teams are promoted/relegated at the end of each season. New clubs' teams begin in the "championship".
  • The senior individual categories are as follows: U20 Women, Senior (20-39 year old) Women, V40 (40-49 year old) Women , V50 (50-59 year old) Women, V60+ Women, U20 Men, Senior (20-39 year old) Men, V40 (40-49 year old) Men, V50 (50-59 year old) Men, V60+ Men
  • For all junior and senior age categories there is a perpetual trophy to be awarded to the winner for that year, plus medals for the 2nd and 3rd placed athletes. In all individual competitions the best 5 of 6 performances (not including the relays) are counted.